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Webcam Camshafts

Cams are priced per pair
(unless stated otherwise)
  Web Cam - Hyundai
Cams, Shims

Any part # listed under 'Regrind", indicates that we will precision grind your camshaft to the specifications indicated. Note that in many cases you can reduce your down time by purchasing a cam core outright in addition to the grind.

On some profiles, Web-Cam welds a hard face overlay to the existing lobe of your camshaft using the most advanced alloys. This has been proven extremely durable. In addition all of the same details for cores and outright cam purchases indicated under "Regrind" apply. These are the finest camshafts available.

New Cam:
All part #'s listed under "New Cam" refer to the specifications precision ground onto a new cast camshaft. All grinds are carefully checked and double heat treated for long life. No exchange is necessary as this is an outright purchase.
Hyundai Montero 24v / Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4
Part Valve
Duration Duration
@ .050
Description Regrind Buy
Hard Weld
New Cam
Custom profile on your cam n/a n/a n/a Can be designed for hot street/road race/drag racing. Valve springs recommended in racing applications. Hardened shims required for regrinds. See Part # SV-M02 below. Hardwelded cams do NOT require shims. Cost per set (4). (See Note * below) 36-030
coming soon
- 36-031
Call to order:
(603) 378-0090
n/a -
Part Description Part # Price Buy Now
Hardened Shims hardened shims to space hydraulic plunger. Must be used with reground Web-Cam profiles. Sizes vary. Cost per shim. SV-M02 $1.25
* All profiles require you to check retainer to guide seal clearance. Minimum is .030". Also check rocker arm to retainer clearance.

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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