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Turbo Specialities Blow Off Valve
Turbo Specialities Fuel Pressure Regulator
Turbo Specialities Engine Oil Cooler
Turbo Specialities Transmission Cooler
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Blow Off Valve

When the best performance is a must then the use of a blow off valve is required. Turbo Specialties top quality, yet economically priced unit does the job and helps to maintain that instant thrust of power you desire. Adjustable to your needs and chrome plated, it comes with vacuum hose and mounting hardware and 2 1/4" pressure tube adapter.

Fuel Pressure Regulator
A must in any Turbo Application. This little performer regulates from 1 psi of boost to 14 psi of fuel pressure.
This lightweight aluminum alloy chrome plated unit comes with mounting hardware and mounting bracket.

Engine Oil Cooler Kit
For that extra protection Turbo Specialties offer a superior engine oil cooler. More heat is created with a high boost turbo system so the use of a high flow oil cooler with dynamic air flow design is a must for maximum cooling. Comes with mounting hardware, hoses, fittings, and 2 adapter fittings for oil filter adapter.

Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit
As with the engine oil cooler, Turbo Specialties offers the same high performance automatic transmission oil cooling.  This unit also comes with mounting hardware, hoses and connection adapters.

Fuel Injection
The injector control unit can be used with any turbo system and many configurations of injectors. The injector interface kit can be used as a simple, bolt on, cost effective method of adding a controlled amount of fuel to your power plant. Separate injectors can be installed (up to four), when even greater performance is required or when the injector interface kit isn't applicable. (complete details here)High Performance Fuel Management Systems
Description/Notes Part # Price Add
All Engines
Blow Off Valve Adjustable and chrome plated BP9901 $145
Fuel Pressure Regulator Regulates from 1 psi of boost to 14 psi of fuel pressure. FPR140 $115
Injection Control Unit (4 cyl.) Complete Details Here ICU401 $359
Injection Control Unit (6 cyl.) Complete Details Here ICU601 $385
Injectors with Interface Block Complete Details Here IF201 $329
Injectors w/ Universal Interface Complete Details Here PI201 $269
Map Management – Standard - MAP5P $115
Map Management w/ Injection Control - MAP8P $179
Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit comes with mounting hardware, hoses and connection adapters. ATC500 $149
Oil Cooler Kit (with Oil Filter Adapter) Get extra protection for your engine EOC500 $209
Oil Pressure Hose Kit (for Turbo Oiling) - OP-1 $42
Oil Return Hose Kit (for Turbo Oiling) - OR-1 $36

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