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Supertech Performance Valves Supertech Performance Valves
- High Flow Rates
- Less Friction
- More Power
- Featuring Black Nitrided Treatment!

Supertech Extreme Flow Performance Valves for Pro Street and Racing are engineered for High RPM and High HP. Extreme Flow Valves outperform any other valve on the market today, and with their Nitride Coating are perfect for High Temperatures (and run cooler which improves value life), Nitrous, Turbos and Superchargers. For naturally aspirated motors these valves will give you a much greater cylinder flow for good HP gains.
Intake and Exhaust Valves are One Piece Forged, High Temperature, High Nickel, Stainless Steel Alloy. Valves are CNC finished to strict tolerances making these valves the choice for the most demanding race classes.
Three Types of Valves Available:
(color coded in TYPE column for easy reference)

#1) Black Nitride (Coating):
Part # ending in "N"

The micro-hardness is higher than the stainless steel base material, keeping good ductility beneath the hard nitrided layer (micro-hardness is 800HV minimum). Surface finish is smoother than with chromed stems, having less friction between stem and guide. ---
Valve seat surface is harder with the nitrided layer, lasting longer with lead free fuels, alcohols, nitro or other "explosive" mixes. Matches any kind of seats (nodular iron seats, steel powder metal seats, hard aluminum-copper seats or beryllium copper seats). ---
The higher the engine speed the bigger the power loss due to internal engine friction! The black nitride layer reduces this power loss due to less valve-guide friction. The nitrided layer is adhered to the base material at a microscopic level, so does not "flake" or brake when the valves bend due to impacts with the pistons. ---
The Black Nitride applies to the whole valve while the chrome coating is only applied to the stem. All valves are swirl polished, have stem undercut and a hardened tip

#2) Chrome (special coating used only as noted):
Part # ending in "C"

Widely used and known in high performance valves Only applied to stem.

#3) Inconel (special valve material used only as noted):
Part # ending in "I"

Inconel 751/Nimonic - These Nickel based alloy materials are used for Exhaust valves in engines that reach very high temperatures and its use is growing with the application of turbos and superchargers.
Item INT
Description Price
Per Valve
AEVI-1103 EXH I Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Valve 29.90x5.94x103.90mm / stk size. $27
AEVI-1103S EXH I Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Single Groove Valve 29.90x5.94x103.90mm / stk size. $27
AEVI-1106S EXH I Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Single Groove Valve 29.90x5.94x103.90mm /  +1.0mm oversize. $27
AEVN-1103 EXH N Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Valve 29.90x5.94x103.90mm / SS/ stk size. $16
AIVN-1103 INT N Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Valve 26.90x5.96x105.10mm / SS $17
AIVN-1103S INT N Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Single Groove Valve 26.90x5.96x105.10mm / SS $17
AIVN-1106 INT N Audi/VW 1.8T 5V Valve 27.90x5.96x105.10mm / SS/ + 1mm $17
VWEVI-1035 EXH I VW 2.0 lts/16V Valve 28.50x7x98.20mm/Undercut/dish/ 0.5mm oversize $23
VWEVN-1007 EXH N VW VR6 2.8 lts 34.2x6.95x106.95mm/ SS/ Stk. size $17
VWEVN-1010 EXH N VW VR6 2.8 lts 36x6.95x106.95mm/ SS/  ++ 1.8mm $17
VWEVN-1014 EXH N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 33x7x91.15mm/SS/Undercut/dish/ stk.diam. $17
VWEVN-1017 EXH N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 34x7x90.95mm/SS/Undercut/dish/ 1mm++ diam. $17
VWEVN-1024 EXH N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 33.2x7x98.40mm/SS/Undercut/dish/ stk.diam. $17
VWEVN-1027 EXH N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 34x7x98.40mm/SS/Undercut/dish/ 1mm++ diam. $17
VWEVN-1034 EXH N VW 2.0 lts/16V Valve 28.00x6.94x98.20mm/SS/Undercut/dish/ std. size $17
VWIVC-1011 INT C VW VR6 / 2.8lts Valve 42x6.97x105.95mm/SS/Chromed/Undercut & backcut/ ++3mm./ Single groove VW 16v $17
VWIVN-1007 INT N VW VR6 / 2.8lts Valve 39x6.97x105.95mm/SS/ Undercut & backcut / Stk. size. $17
VWIVN-1010 INT N VW VR6 / 2.8lts Valve 41x6.97x105.95mm/SS/Undercut & backcut/ ++2mm $17
VWIVN-1011 INT N VW VR6 / 2.8lts Valve 42x6.97x105.95mm/SS/Black Nitride/Undercut & backcut/ ++3mm./ Triple groove $17
VWIVN-1014 INT N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 40x7x91.8mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/dish/ stk.diam. $17
VWIVN-1017 INT N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 41x7x91.6mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/dish/ 1mm++ diam $17
VWIVN-1024 INT N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 40x7x98.6mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/dish/ stk.diam. $17
VWIVN-1027 INT N VW 2.0 lts. Valve 41x7x98.60mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/dish/ 1mm++ diam $17
VWIVN-1034F INT N VW 2.0 lts/ 16V Valve 32.00x6.95x95.50mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/Flat Faced/ std. size $17
VWIVN-1035 INT N VW 2.0 lts/ 16V Valve 32.50x6.95x95.50mm/SS/Undercut/backcut/dish/ 0.5mm ++ $17

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