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SRP Sportsman Racing Products

(generic FSR Forging Pistons)

A Note on Connecting Rods:
If you expect to exceed these requirements by adding Nitrous or Turbo Charging, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your connecting rods along with any forged pistons.
  SRP Pistons - Toyota
NEW Lightweight FSR forging!

Professional Series
Std Bore: 86.0
Ring package designed for: 1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm (Rings Included)
Includes: Rings, Wrist Pin, Spiro Locks
Sportsman Racing Products (SRP) Pistons, (manufactured by JE), are a quality, stronger than stock piston and affordable. They offer tight piston clearances for a more quiet motor, combined with a forged dish to help prevent heat spots and detonation.
  • 4032 high-silicon aluminum alloy for reduced clearance and quiet operation
  • Dish design optimized to factory cylinder head for increased efficiency and performance
  • Compatible with nitrous oxide/forced induction use
  • 1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm premium ring set included
  • .866 x 2.350 straight wall carbon steel wrist pins included
  • Pin fit and carb

Our SRP Piston prices are so low we're not even allowed to put them on our site!
Call or email us now for the LOWEST pricing ever on SRP Pistons!
(603) 378-0090

Part # Bore Size Stroke Rod
C/D Head
Grms Foot
282308 86.0 STD 86 138 35 50 9.0:1 -6.5 - T Call Us for Lowest Pricing
(603) 378-0090
282309 86.0 0.5 86 138 35 50 9.0:1 -7.2 - T Call Us for Lowest Pricing
(603) 378-0090
Foot Notes:
T = Accepts Turbo and Nitrous
U = Not designed for use with Turbo or Nitrous
V = Accepts Nitrous

Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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