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RAM - Powergrip Heavy Duty Clutches RAM - Powergrip Heavy Duty Clutches

As engine power and torque levels increase, Powergrip Clutch sets meet the challenge. Powergrip utilizes a unique blend of 900 and 300 series friction materials and increased clamp loads to give you the holding power needed for aggressive street driving, occasional drag strip use, and the all around performance you expect from your clutch system. Some chatter will occur on takeoff. Use Powergrip for modified street/strip cars.

Use Powergrip if: The vehicle is street driven with mild modifications (no slicks or racing tires). The stock clutch is inadequate. 
  • OEM or better pressure plate
  • Powergrip Clutch Disc
  • Release Bearing
  • Alignment Tool
  • 1 year 12,000 mile warranty in stock passenger cars or 30 day warranty in modified, off-road and commercial vehicles.*
    (* flywheel must be resurfaced when installing clutch set to validate warranty)
Infiniti Engine Year Desc. Powergrip # Price Buy Now
G20 2.0 91-96 All 98738 $375
G20 2.0 99-02 All 98738 $375
I30 3.0 91-99 All 98588 $469

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