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HP Engine Kits (High Performance Engine Kits)
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Why Choose Our HP Engine Kits?
  1. PERFORMANCE - Performance Parts for N/A Turbo and Superchargers
  2. QUALITY - Only top end parts are used in our HP Engine Kits
  3. PRICE - Because our HP Engine Kits come in a package, they are priced based on bulk buying.
  4. CUSTOMIZABLE - HP Engine Kits can be made for all applications including bore sizes, compressions, rod lengths and pins.
  5. EXPANDABLE - HP Engine Kits can be chosen with additional parts such as; rods, special head gaskets, copper gaskets for o-ringing of heads and blocks, piston coatings, pin upgrades & more.
  6. POWERFUL - HP Engine Kits can increase your HP and/or power up your boost. (Read all info on increasing POWER below).
  7. WE DO ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU - Because our HP Engine Kits are hand-matched, all parts are compatible for the chosen engine. All weights of cranks, rods and pistons will be balanced within a few grams (4 cyl. only).

HP Engine Kits Power You Up!
Because each motor and HP Engine Kit is different, we can't give you an exact HP figure. However, for N/A engines we usually see an increase of about 40 HP (min.) depending on bores and compressions chosen, and for turbo's & superchargers the total power will be in the boost. (By adding cams, headers, pulleys, exhaust systems, air intakes, etc. the amount of HP will significantly increase as the total HP is the sum of ALL the performance parts added to the motor)

Bolt-On Products w/HP Engine Kits vs. OEM Engine Parts:
Add-ons (such as cams, headers, pulleys, air intakes, etc), are sometimes fast and cheap to install, but in most cases will not meet expectations for increased HP. Typically the reason for this is that OEM compressions and bores do not supplement them. Add-ons love higher compressions and bores in N/A engines which is exactly what our HP Engine Kits give them.

Test #1: 1995 Acura LS 1.8, Stock HP 140, 81mm, Bore 9.2-1 comp.
Using OEM Engine Parts: First we added a [continue here]

Keep Scrolling Down for Complete Engine Kit Details & Pricing
#  Make/Model Year Engine Code Engine Kit # and Pricing
1 Scion TC/XB 05-08 2AZFE Scroll down the page
for HP Engine Engine Kit #'s and Pricing!
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Note: We may substitute the manufacturer of pistons listed depending on the availability, size, design & application.
Scion 2AZFE 16V DOHC 05-08 TC/XB
Includes: Engine Kit #/Price
88.5mm Complete Gasket Set
MLS Head Gasket
ARIAS Forged Pistons
    (88.5, 89 mm bore) and
    (8.5, 9:1 comp ratio)
Plasma Moly Rings
Performance Wrist Pins
TOGA HP Main Bearings
TOGA HP Rod Bearings
Thrust Washers

Additional Parts Available:
K1 Connecting Rods

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