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Mazda High Performance Engine and Racing Parts
Mazda Int'l HP Engine Kits
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Mazda Int'l
HP Engine Kits (non-USA)
IPP's High Performance (HP) Engine Rebuild Kits are designed for building motors for expected HP increases above stock. Our kits include everything you need to build and protect your motor from small to large HP ranges and up to 1000 HP (including use of turbochargers, Nitrous, Superchargers or all motor on gas).

No more wasting time trying to choose the right parts for your application. Our engineering staff has done all the research and hard work for you. Plus, it's all available in a discount priced kit. Call us now to order at (603) 378-0090.
Scroll down for HP Engine Kit Part #'s & Pricing
# Make/Model Size CC's Years Engine Code
(see kit for breakdowns in years/codes)
Kit # and Pricing
1 Xedos 9 / 626 / Millenia / MX6 V6 2497cc 93-00 KL; KLD Scroll down the page
for HP Engine Kit #'s and Pricing!
2 Mazda 6 Duratec 2.3L 2261cc 03+up DURATEC
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Note: We may substitute the manufacturer of pistons listed depending on the availability, size, design & application.
Mazda V6 24V  2497cc
Xedos 9 / Millenia  (KL 94-00)
626  (KL  93-98)
Millenia  (KLD 1995)
Xedos  (KL 1994)
MX6  (KL 93-98)
Includes: Kit #/Price
84.5mm Complete Gasket Set
Hussey Copper Gasket
ROSS/Wiseco Forged Pistons
    (86, 85, 85.5mm bore) and
    (9.1-1, 10.1-1 comp ratio)
ROSS Performance Rings
Performance Wrist Pins
TOGA HP Main Bearings
TOGA HP Rod Bearings
Thrust Washers
Timing Belt

Additional Parts Available:

Pauter Connecting Rods
* Millenia S Rods ( pricing on the right): were made by Mazda for their Turbo applications. They are a MUCH stronger rod than stock "KL" rods. We have successfully run these rods to 20 psi. Millenia rods have a different small end pin diameter so they will NOT fit stock "KL" pistons. BUT, if you are going to have pistons made - this may be the way to go.
For Xedos 9/626/Xedos/MX6


For Millenia
HP Kit w/Millenia S Rods

Call or Email us to Order
Call or Email to Order!
(603) 378-0090
Mazda 6 2.3L  2261cc
Duratec   (2003 + up)
Includes: Kit #/Price
Duratec 85.5mm Gasket Parts
     (no VC Cover, Seal & Front Seal)
MLS Head Gasket
Wiseco Pistons
    (87.5, 88, 88.5mm bore) and
    (8.8 - 12.5:1 comp ratio)
Plasma Moly Rings
Performance Pins
Main Bearings (std. size only)
Rod Bearings (std. size only)

Additional Parts Available:

Pauter Connecting Rods

Call or Email us to Order
Call or Email to Order!
(603) 378-0090
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