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Pacesetter "Monza" Performance Exhaust Systems
Mazda Monza Exhaust System

The exhaust flow of an engine has a direct effect on its performance. Monza Performance Exhaust Systems utilize the right combination of larger than-stock, 16-gauge, mandrel bent tubing and low back-pressure, high performance mufflers for cooler, smoother engine operation and increased performance.

Each system uses corrosion-resistant aluminized steel and features chrome plated Monza Exhaust Tips with Resonators. The finish is a durable black paint. Necessary hardware and instructions are included. Monza Performance Exhaust Systems are designed to replace the original equipment muffler system and, in many cases, attach to the stock catalytic converter.

(generic pic only)
Model Year Engine Catback(C)
Rear Section(R)
Tubing Part # Price Buy Now
MX3 Coupe GS 92-93 1.6L, 1.8L V6 C 2-1/4" 88-1278 $255
MX5 Miata 90-95 1.6L C 2-1/4" 88-1316 $199
MX6, all 88-92 2.2L C 2-1/2" 88-1328 $252
MX6 93-97 2.5L V6 C 2-1/2" 88-1482 $289
RX7 78-80 12A R 2" 88-1378 $189
RX7 83-85 12A, 13B R 2" 88-1379 $189
RX7 86-92 13B, 14A C 2" 88-1390 $362
Protégé 90-94 1.8L C 2-1/4" 88-1401 $252
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