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Regulates boost pressure of your turbocharger system, by releasing exhaust pressure.
  We're sorry, but we have discontinued selling Greddy Items at this time.

Greddy Wastegates
Universal Fit

One of the most important components in a well designed turbocharged engine set-up, is a properly sized wastegate. Too small of a wastegate can cause boost creep while too large of a wastegate will increase boost lag and decrease performance.

Our GReddy external wastegates are made from the highest quality materials to insure both stability and durability in a turbocharger's boost control. Each unit is adjustable as well as re-buildable. Available in 4 sizes and various spring rates. From 0.8kg/cm2 (11psi) to 1.5kg/cm2 (21psi) and up.
Make Description Type RATE (kg/cm2) Part # Price
Universal Fit TYPE S 34mm 0.8-1.0 11501500 $655.99
Universal Fit TYPE R 47mm 0.8-1.2 11501528 $829.99
Universal Fit TYPE R 47mm 1.1-1.5 11501531 $829.99
Universal Fit TYPE R 47mm 1.4-on 11501534 $829.99
Universal Fit TYPE C 47mm 0.8-1.2 11501548 $995.99
Universal Fit TYPE C 47mm 1.1-1.5 11501551 $995.99
Universal Fit TYPE C 47mm 1.4-on 11501554 $995.99
Universal Fit TYPE CH 56mm 1.5+ 11501560 $995.99
Universal Fit R / C SPRING Yellow 0.8-1.2 11900260 $34.99
Universal Fit R / C SPRING Blue 1.1-1.5 11900261 $34.99
Universal Fit R / C SPRING Red 1.4-on 11900262 $34.99
Universal Fit ACTUATOR P565 0.8 11501600 $165.99
Universal Fit ACTUATOR P765 1.0 11501610 $165.99

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