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Eagle Crankshafts for Honda B Series
"ESP" 4340 Steel Crankshafts

“ESP” Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts feature exceptional strength and unsurpassed quality at a reasonable price. Our cranks are forged in a non-twist forging and undergo a multi-stage heat treatment process as well as stress relieving, shot peening, and nitriding. They are magnafluxed and sonic tested to insure quality. We micropolish each journal to a 3 or better R.A. A 0.125” radius is used to increase strength, so chamfered bearings must be used. The perfect choice for engines up to 1500 HP!
Lightweight "ESP" 4340 Steel Cranks
Same description as above but counterweights are knife-edged for reduced weight and less windage. Typical weight reduction is 5-6 Lbs.

Eagle ESP Armor Finish - What it is and why YOU NEED it!
ESP Armor is a revolutionary new surface finishing process developed exclusively by Eagle Specialty Products, Inc. The exact process is a closely guarded secret, but you can know that it does not use any chemicals or electrolysis-type processes. It is also not a coating.
Most people when they see a crankshaft that has undergone the ESP Armor finishing process will mistake it for a chrome process. It is not chrome! The material you see is the same material on the surface that you have always seen - just finished to perfection. Well, maybe nothing is perfect, but this finish is closer than anyone has ever gotten. The finish is truly amazing! It literally is a mirror finish. Looking at the journal is like looking at your reflection in the mirror! Pictures just don't do it justice (have you ever tried to photograph a mirror?). You have to see it first-hand to really appreciate it.

RIGHT NOW! Add Eagle ARMOR Coating (Mirror Finish) to any Eagle Crank for only $159.99!
Application Part # Stroke Journal Width Journal Diam. Price Buy Now
Eagle ESP Armor Finish
All 340 Crankshafts
EAGLE-ARMOR-CRANK - - - $159.99
Acura/Honda "B" Series
Stock B16A/A2/A3 1630311772 3.031/77mm .945 1.722 $549.99
Stroker B16 1633341772 3.335/84.7mm .945 1.722 $549.99
Stock B18C1/5 1834331772 3.433 .866 1.771 $549.99
Stock B18A/B, B20B/Z 1835041772 3.504/89mm .945 1.722 $549.99
B Series 1835431772 90mm .945 1.771 $549.99
Deck Extension Req. 1837401772 3.740/95mm .945 1.722 $549.99
B-Series with Lg. Rod Journal 1837401890 3.740/ .945 1.890 $549.99

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