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Pauter Connecting Rods
Pauter Connecting Rods

Don't see your car listed below?
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  Pauter Rods - BMW
Pauter offers unique single rib design E- 4340 chrome-moly forged rods. The clean, windage-reducing design and strength of these Pauter rods has proven to be extremely popular with racers, and their consistent high quality and excellent finish has resulted in many satisfied customers.

4340 Billet Rod Specifications:

  • E4340 vacuum melt chrome moly forging – CNC machined
  • Heat-treated to Rockwell C36; full coverage shotpeened; end-to-end balanced in sets.
  • Pauter 220k psi tensile strength MSP220 steel, J-formed, rolled thread racing rod bolts (standard.)
  • Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings (standard.)
    EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin available for extra (see below)
  • Custom pin diameters and center-to-center rod lengths can be ordered at no additional cost. High-performance bearings, tool steel wrist pins and forged aluminum pistons can be ordered specifically coordinated to your rod order (please inquire.)
  • Keep in mind that we are geared for the production of custom sizes in all engine series.

Part # Key:  example: HON-210-480-1322F (determine Pin, Big End Bore & Length)
HON = Honda (these 3 letters are relative to make of vehicle)
210 = 21.0 mm (pin dia.)
506 = 50.6 mm (big end bore dia)
1590 = 159.0 mm (center to center length)

Note: part numbers will only be accurate to the nearest tenth of a millimeter

Part # Description Price Add
M10-220-520-1350F  BMW 2002 $792
M42-220-480-1400F  BMW 318is M42 $792
M50-220-480-1400F  BMW 325/M50 $1,188
M20-220-480-1300F  BMW 325e 2.7L $1,188
BMW-220-520-1430F  BMW 4.0/4.4L V8 $1584
M70-220-480-1350F  BMW 5.0/5.4L M70 V12 $2375
M30-220-520-1350F  BMW 635 (M30) $1,188
M20-220-480-1350F  BMW M20/325i $1,188
S52-210-530-1390F  BMW M3 3.2L Euro $1,188
S52-220-480-1350F  BMW M3, US version $1,188
S14-220-520-1440F  BMW M3/S14 $792
S50-220-480-1350F  BMW M3-6 $792
S50-210-530-1420F  BMW M3-6 Euro $792
M44-220-480-1400F  BMW M44 318ti $792
S62-220-530-1415F  BMW M5 $1584
S38-220-520-1440F  BMW M5/6 $1,188
M50-220-480-1350F  BMW M50 325i $1,188
M52-220-480-1450F  BMW M52 $1,188
M54-220-480-1350F  BMW M54 330i $989
M54-220-480-1450F  BMW M54 $1,188
BMW-210-560-1405F  BMW M5-M6 V10 $1979
M60-220-520-1430F  BMW M60 4.0/4.4L V8 $1584
S14-220-520-1497F  BMW S14 2.0L $792
S54-210-530-1390F  BMW S54 E46 M3 $1,188
Custom Rods All other models not listed above Varies Contact Us
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-04 $220 (x4)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-05 $275 (x5)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-06 $329 (x6)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-08 $449 (x8)
Notes for ALL Rods:
  1. Weights are representative of production Pauter rods made to the dimensions listed. Actual weights may vary slightly.
  2. Rods with non-stock center-to-center lengths can vary considerably from these figures.
  3. Big end bore/width and Pin dia/width figures listed above are the dimensions we use to produce optimum running tolerances for that specific engine. Center-to-center lengths above are usually factory stock figures, or for a particularly popular aftermarket style that we normally keep in stock.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, your rods will be sized for full-floating wrist pins.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, your rods will have factory offset.

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@importperformanceparts.net

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*All prices on this site are subject to change without notice. Import Performance Parts™ disclaims responsibility for any printing or typographical errors, and does not guarantee that all information is accurate.

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