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B&M Shifters
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(B&M Focus Shifter)
  B&M Precision Shifters

PRECISION: As defined by Webster’s dictionary - “The quality or state of being precise. Exact; the degree of refinement with which an
operation is performed or a measurement stated; the accuracy
B&M is the world leader in applications for manual shifters. We are very proud to say that our shifters are supplied to tuners and OEMs throughout the world for incorporation in their vehicles. No other company can match B&M’s involvement with the world’s leading tuners and OEMs who rely on B&M to supply them with the world’s finest precision shifters. This same attention to detail and quality is supplied with every B&M aftermarket shifter as well. Insist on B&M!

B&M has been in the shifter business for over 50 years, so we know what it takes to build a stout shifter that delivers! Smooth, precise shifts along with extremely durable components provide trouble free shifts for hundreds of thousands of miles! CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined from 303 stainless steel and 6061-T6 aluminum, these shifters provide the type of strength and performance you and your muscle car demand! We're so confident this is the strongest shifter you'll put in your car, we back it up with a 1-million-mile warranty!

Stock vs. B&M Ford Focus Shifter
B&M’s Focus shifter features a fully billet 6061-T6 aerospace quality clear anodized aluminum spring-loaded reverse lockout collar as well as a fully billet 6061-T6 aerospace quality clear anodized aluminum laser etched knob. This shifter also accepts the stock Ford knob. At the pivot point the B&M shifter features a fully billet 303S high strength stainless steel stick and pivot ball along with a stamped 304 high strength stainless steel pivot arm.
Make/Model Year Engine Code Part # % Reduced Notes Price Buy Now
Ford Escort 92-01 All 45071 42% US model $99
Ford Focus 99-00 All 45104 24% w/o reverse lock-out $139
Ford Focus 03-04 All 45158 35% non SVT models $195
Ford Cosworth 85-90 All Gas 45050 30% With T-5 Transmission $159
Ford Cosworth Sierra 90-93 All Gas 45098 32% 4 X 4 $229*
Ford Ka 96-01 All Gas 45096 36% - $279
Ford Puma 96-01 All Gas 45096 36% - $279
* Knob Included

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