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Topline OEM Valvetrain - Camshaft, Lifters, Valves & More
Honda Series
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CRX 1984 EV 1342cc 74mm
CIVIC 1984-87 EV 1342cc 74mm
CIVIC CVCC 1976-79 ED 3/4 1488cc 74mm
CIVIC 1980-83 EM1 1488cc 74mm
CIVIC 16v 1984-87 EW1/D15A2 1488cc 74mm
CRX DX 16v 1984-87 EW1/D15A2 1488cc 74mm
CRX HF 12v 1984-87 EW1 1488cc 74mm
CIVIC Si 1986-87 EW4/D15A3 1488cc 74mm
CRX Si 12v 1985 EW3 1488cc 74mm
CIVIC 16v 1988-91 D15B2/B1 1493cc 75mm
CRX 16v 1988-91 D15B/B1 1493cc 75mm
CRX HF 1988-91 D15B6 1493cc 75mm
del SOL S 1992-95 D15B7 1493cc 75mm
CIVIC 16v 1993-95 D15B7 1493cc 75mm
CIVIC 8V 1992-95 D15B8 1493cc 75mm
CIVIC VTEC 1992-95 D15Z1 1493cc 75mm
CIVIC Si 1988-91 D16A6 1590cc 75mm
CRX Si 1988-91 D16Z6 1590cc 75mm
CIVIC VTEC 1992-95 D16Z6 1590cc 75mm
del SOL Si 1992-95 D16Z6 1590cc 75mm
del SOL VTEC 1994-95 B16A3 1590cc 81mm
CIVIC Si 1996-00 B16A2 1590cc 81mm
del SOL VTEC 1996-00 B16A6 1590cc 81mm
CIVIC 1996-00 D16Y7 1590cc 75mm
del SOL S 1996-00 D16Y7 1590cc 75mm
CIVIC V TEC 1996-00 D16Y8 1590cc 75mm
del SOL Si 1996-00 D16D8 1590cc 75mm
CIVIC VTEC-E 1996-00 D16Y5 1590cc 75mm
ACCORD 1976-78 EF 1599cc 74mm
PRELUDE 1979-82 EK 1751cc 77mm
ACCORD 1979-83 EK 1751cc 77mm
PRELUDE 1983 ES1 1829cc 80mm
ACCORD Sei 1985 ES3 1829cc 80mm
ACCORD 1984-85 ES2 1829cc 80mm
PRELUDE 1984-85 ET1 1829cc 80mm
PRELUDE 1986-87 ET2/A18A1 1829cc 80mm
ACCORD 1986-89 BS/A20A1 1955cc 82.7mm
PRELUDE 1986-87 BT/A20A3 1955cc 82.7mm
ACCORD 1986-89 BT/A20A3 1955cc 82.7mm
PRELUDE SOHC 1988-90 B20A3 1958cc 81mm
CRV 1997-98 B20B4 1958cc 84mm
PRELUDE DOHC 1988-91 B20A5 1958cc 81mm
CRV 1999-00 B20Z2 1958cc 84mm
PRELUDE 1990-91 B21A1 2056cc 83mm
ACCORD 1990-93 F22A1 2156cc 85mm
ACCORD EX 1990-91 F22A4 2156cc 85mm
PRELUDE 1992-96 F22A1 2156cc 85mm
ACCORD SE 1991-93 F22A6 2156cc 85mm
ACCORD 1994-97 F22B2 2156cc 85mm
ACCORD VTEC 1994-97 F22B1 2156cc 85mm
ODYSSEY 1995-97 F22B6 2156cc 85mm
PRELUDE VTEC 1993-96 H22A1 2157cc 87mm
PRELUDE VTEC 1997-00 H22A4 2157cc 87mm
PRELUDE Si 1992-96 H23A1 2259cc 87mm
ACCORD 1998-00 F23A1 2254cc 86mm
ACCORD 1998-00 F23A4 2254cc 86mm
ACCORD 1998-00 F23A5 2254cc 86mm
ODYSSEY 1998 F23A7 2254cc 86mm
PASSPORT 1994-96 4ZE1 2259cc 92.6mm
ACCORD 1995-97 C27A4 2675cc 87mm
ACCORD 1998-00 J30A1 3.0L 86mm
PASSPORT 1994-00 6VD1 3165cc 93.4mm
ODYSSEY 1999-00 J35A1 - -

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