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Topline OEM Head Gaskets, Gasket/Head/Conversion/Head Bolt Sets
Note about Head Bolts:
Most Import engines have stretch-to-yield bolts that should only be used once. We recommend that you replace your Head Bolts when rebuilding your engine with new ones or an up-grade like ARP Head Bolts (if available).
(Warranty Details)
Please click on your Lexus Model below:
ES250 2VZFE 90-91 2507cc 87.5mm
ES300 3VZFE 92-93 2958cc 87.5mm
ES300 1MZFE 94-98 2995cc 87.5mm
ES300/RX300 1MZFE 1999 2995cc 87.5mm
ES300 1MZFE 00-01 2995cc 87.5mm
RX300 1MZFE 00-03 2995cc 87.5mm
ES300 1MZFE 02-03 2995cc 87.5mm
SC300/GS300 2JZGE 92-97 2997cc 86.0mm
SC300/GS300/IS300 2JZGE 98-05 2997cc 86.0mm
LS400/SC400 IUZFE 90-97 3969cc 87.5mm
GS400/LS400/SC400 IUZFE 98-00 3969cc 87.5mm
GS430/LS430/SC430 3UZFE 01-05 4293cc 86.0mm
GX470/LX470 2UZFE 98-04 4664cc 94.0mm

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