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Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi Pumps.
(your Oil Pump may look different)
  TOGA HV Oil Pumps - Infiniti

All TOGA High Volume (HV) Oil Pumps are brand new, have tighter tolerances, are made of 4130 steel, and are hand packed with A.R.P. moly lube for initial start up!

These are the finest Import High Volume Pumps in today's market place. We import these pumps from a Japan based company which makes both OEM and HV pumps for Import racing. 

Why get a Toga High Volume Oil Pump?
Unlike other suppliers, TOGA supplies both the Pump and Front Cover for ALL front mounted Oil Pumps!
  • They meet the demands of today's high performance engines
  • They increase the life of any motor & are a must for high rev motors
  • They give OEM builds a great amount of protection for the heart of the motor which = no oil starvation!
  • All pumps are stamped with a red HV imprint
  • All pumps come with a 2 year warranty (1 year for 800HP+)

Upgrade today to a Toga Performance HV Pump!
It's insurance you can't afford not to have.

Click here for advantages of using an HV Oil Pump

Make/Model Engine Code Year Description
(fuel injected unless noted)
Part # Price Buy Now
G20 SR20DE 91-93 16v DOHC 4 cyl. OPD30-HV $255
G20 SR20DE 94-99 16v DOHC 4 cyl. OPD30-HV $255
M30 VG30E 90-92 12v SOHC V6 OPD26L-HV $165
J30 VG30DE 93-6/93 24v DOHC V6 OPD26J-HV $335
I30 VQ30DE 96-99 24v DOHC V6 OPD34-HV $165
I30 VQ30DE 00-01 24v DOHC V6 OPD34-HV $165
QX4 VG33E 97-00 12v SOHC V6 OPD35X-HV $185
QX4/I35/G35 VQ35DE 01-04 24v DOHC V6 OPD41-HV $179