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IPP- international Rod and Piston Combos
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IPP- international
Citroen International
Call to order at (603) 378-0090

IPP-international is the LARGEST supplier of Forged Custom Pistons
and Connecting Rods for the Non-USA Import Market.

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Piston/Rod Combo Information:
Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
- All Combos come with rings unless noted otherwise (* does not include rings. Set of 4 = $79, Set of 6 = $119)

- Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset the same as o.e. for quietest operation. Pin offset will be opposite of
  direction of engine rotation.
- There are different versions of this engine - do visual inspection of dish/valve pocket area to verify compatibility.
The following applications fit the Combos listed in the table below:
Engine Code: TU 5 JP 4  (11.2:1 CR)
Saxo  96 + up
Citroen 1.6L 16V
Piston Info: Rods & Total Combo Price:
Piston Part# Bore C/R Dome/
Dish Vol.
Combo 1
Combo 2
Billet Rods
Wiseco K420M785 78.5 11.2:1 F/T $749* $1209*
Wiseco K420M790 79 11.2:1 F/T $749* $1209*
Wiseco K420M795 79.5 11.2:1 F/T $749* $1209*
Wiseco K421M785 78.5 11.6:1 Dome $749* $1209*
Wiseco K421M790 79.0 11.6:1 Dome $749* $1209*
Custom Pistons: any diameter & compression $769* $1229*
* Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
Important: Rod Pins may need to be honed .002 over

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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