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Procar seats by SCAT
PROCAR Pro-Sport Series 1790
(Left - Black Velour, Right - Blue Velour)

(More colors available! See specs and colors below)

Pro-Sport Seat Dimensions

Seat Adapter required to install your Procar Seats
PROCAR Pro-Sport Series 1790
FIXED BACK with Comfort to Meet your Budget
A full bucket seat with maximum lateral support and ample padding - ideal for the street or off road enthusiast looking for that “full-race” look. These Performance Seats have openings to accommodate 5-point racing harnesses
Weight 20 lbs, Height 34", Width 16", Depth 20 1/2"

Seat Sliders:
All PROCAR seat prices include seat sliders which allow your seat to move forwards & backwards.

Pro-Sport Seat
Part #
Color(s) Description Price/
* sliders included
Buy Now
80-1790F-61 Black Velour $129
80-1790F-62 Grey Velour $129
80-1790F-63 Grey Velour $129
80-1790F-64 Grey Velour $129
80-1790F-65 White Velour $129
80-1790F-66 White Velour $129
* All PROCAR seats come w/ seat sliders which allow your seat to move forwards & backwards.

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