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Phantom Grip
Phantom Grip Limited Slip Differential
Charts and Graphs
The following graphs show the improvement in cornering and straight line acceleration which can be achieved with installation of Phantom Grip. Click graph to view full size.


Please order CUSTOM LSD's by phone at
(603) 378-0090.

Custom's take 3-5 days to ship
  Phantom Grip - Limited Slip Differentials
Max Performance, Minimum Price
Our Limited Slip Differential will provide you with:
  1. Increased Towing Capacity
  2. Maximized Tire Wear
  3. Safer, Wet Weather Driving
  4. Fun To Drive in Conditions

The Phantom Grip LSD, otherwise knows as Limited Slip Differential, conversion kit, installs into your non-LSD Differential, converting it into a proven and competitive limited slip differential that enhances your traction needs.

Phantom Grips 2-way LSD will considerably improve handling in daily driven, street/strip warrior, or full race vehicle:

  • In cornering and braking, it functions as a disc-type limited slip.
  • In hard acceleration, the Phantom Grip works as a locker causing  both wheels to receive equal power instead of just one wheel spin.
Every Phantom Grip LSD is constructed of only the highest-quality aerospace alloys. With over 500,000 miles of vigorous performance testing (SCCA, drag, rally, hill climb, ice, rain, etc.), we have been able to fine tune each application through specific heat treating and rockwell testing to achieve maximum performance and reliability. Each Phantom Grip unit is assembled with blueprinted matched sets of progressive-rate springs to achieve equal load distribution to the disc plates, which dramatically enhances reliability and performance. With such a passion for perfection, we at Phantom Grip are confident that when you choose a Phantom Grip unit, you are choosing, by far, the best limited slip conversion kit on the market.

GOLD Kits (for Daily Driving, Street/Strip, Full Race)
Our GOLD Kits come w/FREE Green Spring Kit Upgrade included!
Tested and proven to be the best limited slip conversion kit for your street car. Improving handling for daily driven vehicles, street/strip warriors or full race vehicles at a budget.
(The FREE Green Spring Kit upgrades your Phantom Grip Unit to handle more power, and Unlike other retailers who make you buy the Spring Kit Upgrade separately, we give it to you FREE! Out price w/the free upgrade is unbeatable!)

EXTREME Kits (for Highest HP Applications & Max Performance)
(Our Xtreme Kits do NOT use or need the green spring upgrade)
Maximize the handling potential of your vehicle with the Phantom Grip Xtreme Unit. Built for the highest horsepower applications out there, the Xtreme Unit is guaranteed to achieve maximum performance.
(Xtreme series does not use or need the free green spring kit upgrade)

Make Year / Model / Notes Type Part # Price Add to Cart
Nissan 1995 - 1999 NISSAN SENTRA SE Gold PGNI9132 $269
Nissan 1991 - 1999 NISSAN SENTRA SE-R (NOTE: CAN USE WITH VISCOUS) Gold PGNI9123 $269
Nissan 1991 - 1993 NISSAN NX2000 Gold PGNI9033 $269
Nissan 1989 - 1998 NISSAN 240SX Extreme PGXNI9134 $319
Nissan 1983 - 2000 NISSAN 300ZX Extreme PGXNI9233 $319
Nissan 1995 - 1998 NISSAN 200SX (NOTE: MANUAL 1.6L) Gold PGNI9104 $269
Nissan 1991 - 1999 NISSAN SENTRA (NOTE: MANUAL 1.6L) Gold PGNI9311 $269
Nissan 1991 - 1996 NX1600 (NOTE: MANUAL) Gold PGNI9302 $269
Nissan 1987 - 1990 NISSAN PULSAR Gold PGNI9211 $269
Nissan 1990 - 1994 NISSAN PULSAR GTI-R (NOTE: AWD FWD DIFF) Gold PGNI9121 $269
Nissan 1991 - 1999 NISSAN SENTRA (NOTE: RL4FO3A AUTO TRANS) Extreme PGXNI9541 $319
Nissan 1989 - 1994 NISSAN PRIMERA (Note: P10/G20 (RS5F32V Tranny) Extreme PGXNI9901 $319
Nissan 1989 - 1998 NISSAN VANETTE Extreme PGXNI9022 $319
Nissan 1993 - 1995 NISSAN ALTIMA (RS5F50A MANUAL) Gold PGNI9040 $269
Nissan 2000 - 2003 NISSAN MAXIMA (NOTE: 6SPD V6) Extreme PGXNI9242 $319
Nissan 1990 - 1995 NISSAN STANZA (RS5F50A MANUAL) Gold PGNI9004 $269
Nissan 1985 - 1996 NISSAN MAXIMA (NOTE: RS5F50A MANUAL TRANS) Gold PGNI9400 $269
Nissan 1990 - 1991 NISSAN AXXESS (NOTE: RS5F50A MANUAL TRANS) Gold PGNI9301 $269
Nissan 1984 - 1986 NISSAN PULSAR / EXA (NOTE: N12 E15 MTR) Gold PGNI9041 $269
Nissan 2002 AND NEWER NISSAN 350Z Extreme PGXNI9423 $319
Datsun 1968 - 1973 DATSUN 510 (NOTE: R160 DIFF) Gold PGDA5261 $269
Datsun ALL YEARS DATSUN 240Z 280Z R200 (NOTE: R180/R200 DIFF) Extreme PGXDA5327 $319

Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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