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KB Performance Pistons
Premium Pistons without the Premium Price
Silv-O-Lite's Keith Black Signature Series pistons are packed with power-building features, yet won't cost you an arm and a leg.
Check out the following features!
 T6 heat-treated, 16-18% silicon hypereutectic alloy-30% 
    stronger than untreated alloys
 Lightweight, rigid rib skirt design to stabilize piston
 100% CNC-machined crowns
 Diamond turned piston tops reflect heat into combustion 
 High top ring location and high strength ring lands
 Drilled oil returns and pin oil supply
 .072" spiral wound pin retainers for use with floating pins 
All this = tighter fit for improved oil control, reduced blowby, increased ring life, & no cold startup knock!
Note: Compression ratios vary depending on cc of head
Chrysler 2.0L (L4)
Part # Oversize Stroke Rod CR
Head Type Pin Price/
Buy Now
UEM-KB241 STD, .5MM, .75MM, 1.0MM 3.267 5.473
Flat Top .827 $140
Chrysler 2.2L (L4)
Part # Oversize Stroke Rod CR
50 53 56
Head Type Pin Price/
Buy Now
UEM-KB268 STD, .5MM, .75MM, 1.0MM, 1.5MM  3.622 5.945
8.6 8.3 8.0
18cc Dish .9009 $145
UEM-KB239 STD, .5MM, .75MM, 1.0MM, 1.5MM  3.622 5.945
10.2 9.8 9.4
Flat Top .9009 $145

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