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Because of its intended design for racing, the GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust series do not meet the 95dB(a) sound level. Street use of these Greddy catback exhausts is prohibited without an inner silencer. The GReddy Racing TI is recommended for Off-Road use only.
  Greddy Racing TI Cat-Back Exh.
(Off Road Use Only)


Designed with racing in mind, the GReddy Racing TI (Titanium) catback exhaust series is made with top-of-the-line quality materials and craftsmanship. The race-inspired GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust optimizes for maximum weight reduction as well as efficient exhaust flow.

The GReddy Racing TI is GReddy's most aggressive and top-performing catback exhaust system. Each GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust is made entirely of high-quality titanium for maximum weight reduction. As a result, a full GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust can weight as little as 10 lbs instead of the usual 40 to 50 lbs of a typical catback exhaust system. In addition, the extra-strength of titanium over stainless steel can sustain wear and tear better under the extreme condition often encountered during racing.

As with other race-inspired catback exhaust systems, the GReddy Racing TI incorporates large diameter piping with minimal bends to maximize exhaust flow. The straight-through design of the GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust system allows for better exhaust flow and minimizes exhaust bottleneck.

The GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust features mandrel-bent tubing, thick flanges, and OEM style hangers. Because it is fully made of titanium, the entire GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust has the matte titanium look. In addition, it features a heat-treated colored titanium tip. The embossed GReddy logo on the exhaust tip also enhances the look of the GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust system. The GReddy Racing TI system looks as good as it performs.

All GReddy Racing TI exhaust systems are complete catback units, which do not effect emission related hardware. Each GReddy Racing TI catback exhaust system is designed for a specific car application and can be bolted on out of the box, using factory mounting
N/A = Not Available Yet hangers.
Make Model Year Notes Part # Price Buy Now
Acura RSX Type S 2002-04 70mm N/A - -
Mazda RX7 TT 1993-96 80mm GR10147500 $665.99
Mitsubishi EVOLUTION 2003-05 80mm 10137500 $1239.99
Nissan 240SX (Turbo) 1995-98 80mm 10127500 $869.99
Subaru WRX 2002-05 80mm N/A - -
Subaru STI 2004-05 80mm N/A - -
Toyota SUPRA TT 1993-97 80mm 10117500 $869.99

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