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Callies COMPSTAR Crankshafts
Callies COMPSTAR Crankshafts

The CompStar 4340 material crankshaft for the 2.0 Litre Neon/ DSM is intended for high output competition engines. Available with a 3.543 inch (90 mm) stroke, the CompStar 2.0 will result in a significant increase in engine torque.

For improved performance each journal is super polished to 5 Ra micro finish or better, creating an excellent load-bearing surface. Rod and main journals are ground with large, strength improving fillet radii instead of commonly found OEM undercuts. Our proven Nitride process is performed on each crank for enhanced durability and excellent wear resistance. Both ignition and fuel injector timing notches are precisely machined ensuring their absolute true position in relation to each rod journal. CompStar crankshafts are made to accept standard OEM flywheel and dampener fasteners. 2.0 Neon / DSM stroker cranks are shipped fully balanced, ready for assembly.

Part # Make/Model Stroke Main Pin Note Price Buy Now
NGBA2-CS Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler Neons 1995-2002
Mitsubishi Eclipse (Non-Turbo) 1995-1999
Eagle Talon (Non-Turbo) 1995-1999
2.0 Dodge Avenger 1995-1999
2.0 Dodge Stratus & Breeze 1995-1999
3.543 2.047 1.889 2 pc. seal $660

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