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COMP Cams - Camshafts for Chrysler
Camshafts - Chrysler
American-made Camshafts
camshaftsCamshafts are what COMP Cams® is all about. The cam has long been revered as the "brain" of the engine, opening & closing the valves at the exact precise instant, coordinating the timing of each event to the exact location of the crankshaft and piston. The cam also has the remarkable ability of repeating this process over and over, as many times as necessary, in order to keep the engine running at the peak of its capability. Precise overlap events properly introduce raw fuel and expend exhaust. This provides a highly efficient scavenging process, then repeats the entire process all over again on the next stroke. Even more remarkable, the camshaft produced at COMP Cams® is a highly modified version of the stock, mass produced camshaft, designed to extract the most performance possible from a given application. High Performance CamshaftHighly trained engineers, and experienced lobe designers work hand in hand producing better, more refined products on a daily basis. Last years product is no longer the standard by which all others are judged. New and better products must be produced to stay ahead of the maximum performance game. In an industry where 2nd place means 1st loser, there is no margin for error. There is no room for 2nd best. COMPCams design & manufacture winning camshafts.
Experience the best, experience COMP Cams®
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Chrysler Dodge Neon 2.0L SOHC Cams   1995-2003  
For use with stock Neon cylinder heads. More power throughout and substantial gains above 5000 rpm.
2500-6200 107-200-8 NE 256 HR8 256 266 200 206 .356 .336 108 $289
SEVERE STREET/COMPETITION For use with Neon RT or ported cylinder heads. More power throughout and substantial gains about 5300 RPM 2600-6400 107-400-8 NE 259 HR8 259 266 205 206 .384 .336 108


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