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Apexi - Super VFD Coupler

The Super VFD Coupler is a plug and play adapter harness used to greatly simplify the installation of our VAFC II (VTEC/Fuel Controller) or Rev/Speed Meter GP. Installation is complete in a matter of minutes without any soldering or electrical work!

Simple Instructions to Install
Simply plug in one side of the VFD Coupler to the factory engine harness and the other to the factory ECU. The pre-installed component wires plug directly into the VAFC II and Rev/Speed Meter GP.
(No soldering or electrical work required!)

The VFD Coupler serves as an invaluable tool, drastically reducing installation time and also alleviating the need to hack up your engine harness.

** Please note, the Super VFD Coupler IS application specific. Please check the application below for your particular vehicle before purchasing.

Part No. Application Price   Buy
49K-H002 HONDA 1996-1998 ; USE WITH 401-A915$179
49K-H003HONDA 1999-2000 ; USE WITH 401-A915 $179

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