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Ajusa MLS Head Gaskets
Ajusa MLS Head Gaskets - Ford Focus (USA, Canada, S. America)
MLS (Multi Layer Steel) is ideal for both aluminum heads to cast iron blocks and aluminum heads to aluminum blocks. Withstands the shearing forces created by aluminum heads on cast iron blocks. Less clamping force is required allowing for reduced cylinder bore distortion.

MLS Head Gaskets will withstand more cylinder head pressures than a composite steel ring gasket, commonly used for Turbo, Superchargers and racing applications on gas.

IMPORTANT: It is always acceptable to use a slightly larger gasket bore. It will not effect the comp ratio. (Ex: 86mm bore can use an 86.5 or 87mm). As long as the gasket is larger than the bore, it will not effect the comp ratio.
Model Engine CC Engine
Year Std Bore Max
Part # Price Buy Now
Focus DOHC 1388 ZETEC-SE 1998 76 77 10118500 $49
Focus DOHC 1596 ZETEC-SE 1998 79 80 10118600 $49
Focus ST170 16V 1988 ALDA 2002 84.8 86 10118801 $65
Focus (USA) 8V SOHC 1989 121 2003 84.8 86 10158700 $69
Focus (USA) 16V DOHC 1989 121 2003 84.8 86 10118801 $65
* 2 x gasket are required for this application
both gaskets are required

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