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TOGA Performance Valve Seals   TOGA Super-Seal Valve Seals - KIA
Known for its superior quality of performance parts, now offers High Performance/High Temp Super-Seal Valve Seals.

These Super-Seal Valve Seals are made from Hi-Temp Vitron Rubber with stainless steel support rings guaranteed to last under normal or performance applications. They give superior oil control even in the event that a stock valve might be slightly worn. Sometimes just by changing valve seals, you may relieve oil control problems that seem to look like a larger engine problem.

Designed with stock measurements, these seals will fit and are ideal for both stock replacement and aftermarket valve spring fit. Perfect for day to day, street, strip, turbos & superchargers.

Sport Compact High Performance Valve Seals.
Made of Vitron Hi-Temp Rubber.
Use on any stock or aftermarket valve
Long Life
Fits on stock & aftermarket springs
Stainless steel wire locks
Part # Model Engine Code Year Valves Price/Set Buy Now
TOGMA13-16HP Sephia B6 94-95 16 $59
TOGMA13-16HP Sephia, Spectra FB 98-02 16 $59
TOGMA13-16HP Sephia BPD 95-97 16 $59
TOGMA7-8HP Sportage FE 95-96 8 $59
TOGMA13-16HP Sportage FE 95-02 16 $59

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