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  SPEC Flywheels - Eagle
The automotive component most responsible for insuring optimum clutch performance and life is the flywheel.

SPEC Flywheels: are CNC manufactured at an unheard-of .001 tolerance, in an industry where the standard is .010. This precision manufacturing process ensures perfect balance and a perfectly flat bedding surface for the clutch disc, both of which also contribute to the ultimate in safety for competitive environments. All SPEC flywheels carry SFI certification.

To allow for specific inertia needs, SPEC flywheels are made in high carbon billet steel and aircraft quality billet aluminum. The aluminum and most steel SPEC units are rebuildable and feature a replaceable steel friction plate that is made from a friction- enhancing steel metal specially formulated for optimum clutch bedding and holding power. The aluminum and steel materials provide a light and medium weight option for all types of racing. SPEC spends a lot of time and effort on research and development of optimum flywheel dimensions and weights for all types of driving and racing and can optimize your MOI (moment of inertia), to maximize your car's output & performance.
No Steel Flywheels or Pressure Plates available for Eagle at this time
N/A = Not Available at this time
Model Years Engine Part #:

Price Buy Now
Talon 89-94 1.8L SPEC-SD77A $398
Talon Turbo 2WD 89-90 2.0L SPEC-SD56A $305
Talon Turbo AWD 89-90 2.0L SPEC-SD96A $305
Talon Turbo 2WD 4/90-99 2.0L SPEC-SD87A $305
Talon Turbo AWD 4/90-99 2.0L SPEC-SD37A $305
Talon Non-Turbo 95-99 2.0L SPEC-SD43A $399

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