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RAM - HDX Performance Clutch Sets   RAM - HDX Performance Clutch Sets

HDX Clutch sets are the performance upgrade for your daily driver/hot rod. Pressure plates feature increased clamp loads and our 300 Series organic clutch disc. 300 series consists of steel backed organic facing material that greatly increases rotational strength, and an eight spring center hub for excellent shock absorption. Use HDX sets for cars with bolt on mods and mild power enhancements, for street or strip.
Model Engine Year Desc. Part # Price Buy Now
CL 2.2L 98-99 All 88564HDX $295
Integra 1.7 92-93 All 88832HDX $342
Integra 1.8 94-01 All 88830HDX $345
Integra 1.8 92-93 All 88832HDX $342
Integra 1.8 90-91 All 88833HDX $379
RSX 2.0 2002 Type S 6 Speed 88989HDX $359

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