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IPP/Web-Cam Performance Cams (Stage 1 & 2)
Nissan KA24E (SOHC) '89-94
IPP, through an exclusive distributorship with Web-Cam (one of the premier cam manufacturers in the USA), has designed a line of solid billet cams for the Nissan KA24E (SOHC). These are new cams with no cam cores required!

All cams have been designed above stock performance, and do not require spring replacement. These cams increase performance and are for street on gas.

These are new cams (versus some of our competitors who sell non-reground used cams), with the correct stock base circle. You will not have to use shims, expensive buckets or lash caps.

NOTE: We will custom grind these cams to your specifications. Add $20 to prices below.
Special Order only. Please call to order if you would like Custom Grind. 603.378.0090
IPP/Web-Cam Performance Cams
(The figures below may vary slightly as cams have not been degreed in actual motors at this time.)
Cam Stage #2 (w/1.45 rocker) NOT YET AVAILABLE
Stage #2 Specs:
Valve Lash Valve Lift Cam Lift
intake HYD 291 420
exhaust HYD 292 421
w/1.45 Rocker
Fair idle, more duration (keeps valves open longer), strong pulling cam for improved mid and upper end power. Stock springs & retainers can be used with stock compression, however the cam needs more compression (10-1, 10.5-1), to make more HP (works well for oval track with high compression).
NOTE: Includes required mechanical rockers
Part # (Stage 2):

Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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