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RD Series "Race Division" Intake Systems
The RD series is a cold air intake system for the enthusiast craving mid-range power. The intake tube is strategically placed behind the front bumper to acquire colder, denser air. Although most of the RD series is a one-piece design, several are two-piece designs due to the mass air flow meters.

Every RD system is certified or pending by the California Air Resource Board and backed by Injen Technology's limited lifetime warranty.

Choose Color: P = Polished  B = Black Powder Coat


Mazda RD Intakes

Part # Description Year Filter Price Choose
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RD6060 Protégé 5 / MP3 01-03 X-1013 $255
RD6061 Mazda 3 2.3L (only) 2004 X-1014 $239
RD6065 Protégé 1.8L 99-00 X-1013 $249
RD6066 MazdaSpeed Protégé Turbo 03-6/03 X-1013 $269
RD6068 Mazda 6, 4 Cyl 2003 X-1013 $215
RD6070 Mazda 6, 6 Cyl Coupe & Wagon 03-05 X-1015 $239