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Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS Head Gaskets   Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS Head Gaskets

Why MLS?
Today's lighter, higher output engines demand a new kind of head gasket: Multi-Layer Steel. MLS Gaskets are specifically designed to handle greater combustion pressures, higher and more variable operating temperatures, and constant movement between the head and block. They are perfect for Turbo and Supercharger applications.

Why not Composites?
Some manufacturer's try to pass of "new" composite or graphite technologies as less expensive replacements for LMS. DON'T BUY IT. The lateral motion in many engines can destroy the composite core and facing, while the vertical motion overcompresses and "crushes" the gasket, creating leak paths.

Why PermaTorqueMLS?
You want to do the job right. So replace that MLS Head Gasket with PermaTorqueMLS by Fel-Pro. It's full-hard stainless steel material maintains its shape and compensates for thermal expansion and motion between block and head. Plus, strategically placed embossed beads eliminate leak paths, ensuring a consistent and lasting seal. It all adds up to a seal that's solid enough even for NASCAR competition.
Application Engine Years Notes Part # Price/Gasket Buy Now
1.8L DOHC Vin 8 (Prizm) 93-97 - 9955PT $115
1.8L DOHC Vin 8 (Prizm) 98-99 - 26158PT $55
1.8L DOHC Vin 8 (Prizm) 00-02 - 26156PT $55
1.8L DOHC Vin 8 (Prizm) 98-02 - 26158PT-1 $55

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