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Carrillo Connecting Rods
(various types of Carrillo
Rods pictured above)
  Carrillo Connecting Rods - Audi/VW
  Carrillo Pro H-Beam Rods (Type H)
Often imitated but never equaled! Carrillo's H-Beam design is the absolute strongest and best quality rod you can buy. Carrillo rods are constructed using high quality, certified materials to produce a rod that has exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics.
  Carrillo Pro A-Beam Rods (Type A)
Typically, the Pro-A beam configuration is well suited for less demanding, more economical, high-performance, aftermarket applications. Carrillo's A-Beam design is engineered with the strength-to-weight ratio needed for each individual engine application
  Carrillo Pro SA-Beam Rods (Type SA)
The Carrillo Pro-Super-A bridges the gap between the Pro-H and Pro-A applications. In most instances lighter than our traditional Pro-H, yet unbelievably strong, it is intended for use in mid to moderately
high horsepower applications.
Part # Key Code:
If last letter in Part # is an S = Carr Bolt
If last letter in Part # is an H = H-11 Tool Steel Bolt
< = Taper Blade
> = Straight Blade
Type Part # Make/Model BE Width Pin Dia. Price/
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H VW-GTI>-65670S-05 1.8T 20v, 2.0 16v(9a) & 2.2 (5 cyl) 0.981 20mm $1395
H VW-GTI>-65670H-05 1.8T 20v, 2.0 16v(9a) & 2.2 (5 cyl) 0.981 20mm $1225
SA VW-GTI 1.8T 20v, 2.0 16v(9a) & 2.2 (5 cyl) 0.981 20mm $999
A VW-GTI-1 1.8T 20v, 2.0 16v(9a) & 2.2 (5 cyl) 0.981 20mm $969
H VW-ABA>-66260S-04 ABA 2.0 0.981 21mm $1279
H VW-ABA>-66260H-04 ABA 2.0 0.981 21mm $1089
SA VW-ABA ABA 2.0 0.981 21mm $799

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